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Zocurelia - Inspiring Learners to Read and Discuss

With Zocurelia you can increase the fun of reading online literature together. The browser tool shows the activity of a reading community directly in the context of the texts being read and discussed. This way learners can be motivated to participate and join the discussion - hopefully hypothetically. In this article I will explain my motivation, ideas and decisions that led to the development of Zocurelia. Introduction and context This winter 2019/2020 I had the pleasure to meet diverse people in various learning settings to discuss implications and questions of current technology trends.

Publishing Together

GoogleDocs seems to be the place when it comes to collaborating on documents. But there are alternatives. Since Owncloud 6 the personal cloud solution comes with an implementation of the WebODF standard and makes it possible to work together on a document. And of course there is Etherpad and Etherpad Lite. Both are great for sharing notes in the situations of preparation or documentation. But if you intend to publish your written work and want it to be a downloadable document, a reader or even a scientific paper more work has to be done to make the final product appear interesting and state of the art regarding layout and design.