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Update to Design and Content

The last post in this blog I wrote more than one year ago. I was not lazy in between, but had a lot of other things to write and do. The “do” part finally needed to be documented and I did not want to do it in the past design and structure of this blog. While I was following the Bookdown plugin for R, which deserves another article here, I found the amazing Academic Theme for Hugo, the blog this site was and still is built on.

A Timeline with LaTeX

When taking a closer look at the history of a concept or development a timeline comes in handy to structure events and dates. I know several timeline tools online, but for just taking notes I needed a lighter solution. Finally with the help of DuckDuckGo and StackOverflow I found a way to take down the dates with LaTeX1. The chronosys package provides a simple but good looking solution as you can see in this small example.

Writing OER in Book Sprints

In the debate on Open Educational Resources (OER) several questions dominate. For instance: Who generates the content? Who pays for it? Who cares for quality assurance? Besides these there are certainly a lot more questions to answer. But while reading about book sprints I had the idea of producing OER in a short time with more than one participants. Publishing the final product of a book sprint in an open manner is an essential part of the whole concept, so to me the idea is not revolutionary at all.