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Update to Design and Content

The last post in this blog I wrote more than one year ago. I was not lazy in between, but had a lot of other things to write and do. The “do” part finally needed to be documented and I did not want to do it in the past design and structure of this blog. While I was following the Bookdown plugin for R, which deserves another article here, I found the amazing Academic Theme for Hugo, the blog this site was and still is built on.

A Timeline with LaTeX

When taking a closer look at the history of a concept or development a timeline comes in handy to structure events and dates. I know several timeline tools online, but for just taking notes I needed a lighter solution. Finally with the help of DuckDuckGo and StackOverflow I found a way to take down the dates with LaTeX1. The chronosys package provides a simple but good looking solution as you can see in this small example.