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Shaping Openness

Shaping Openness - The Show on Code, Architecture and Tools in Research and Education

Zocurelia - Zotero Curated Reading Lists Annotated (Software)

The software provides an interface for the presentation of reading assignments stored in Zotero together with annotations made with Hypothesis.

Embedding Openness in the Design Process of Web-based Learning Arrangements

Open Education means providing access to information and education for everybody so that they can participate in society and be creators of their lives (UNESCO, 2012). With a closer look at the digital landscape these days many implementations of the open education idea appear to be open washing (Weller, 2014) as several studies show: Great numbers of participants in MOOCs can be attributed to the long tail effect and high drop out rates point to the fact that not everybody is made for self-organized online learning (Schulmeister, 2014).

Collaboration in Research and Education

Collaborating with others is a good way to get ahead. You can get that impression at least by looking at current trends in research and teaching. Numerous tools promote effective collaboration in research and bibliography, in data collection and …

HOOU-Session "Diversity"

"Digital teaching and learning opportunities, such as those created within the framework of the Hamburg Open Online University, have the potential to enable people to participate in academic teaching and learning opportunities who, for various …

The Architecture of Openness. Thoughts on Designing the Digital Transformation (in German)

The architecture of technology influences the openness of socio-technical systems and is jointly responsible for their degrees of freedom. Because "**architecture is politics**" (Kapor, 1991, 2006; O'Reilly, 2004) and "**code is law**" (Lessig, …