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Monthly community call

The Single Source Publishing Community is starting the new year with a new format.

After our first successful online workshop in October 2021, we launched a new format on February 07, 2022. Every month, interested people will meet on alternate days of the week for half-hour exchange at lunchtime. After having an interesting and talkative round the first time, we hope for growth in the upcoming dates:

  • Tuesday, 08.03.2022, 12:00, 30 min.
  • Wednesday, 06.04.2022, 12:00, 30 min
  • Thursday, 05.05.2022, 12:00 h, 30 min
  • Friday, 03.06.2022, 12:00, 30 min

All important information and more online meetings of other communities can be found on GitHub.