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Shaping Openness

in Education, Science and Society

Experience & Skills


The Culture of Free/Libre Open Source Software, Open Education, Open Educational Resources (OER), Open Science, Privacy in the Digital Age, Internet Health, Ethics & Technology, Software Architecture

Coding & Technologies

Linux, Python, JavaScript, Django, Vue.js, GitLab, Docker, Static Site Generators (Pandoc, Jekyll, Hugo, GitBook), Microcontrollers (Arduino, micro:bit, Raspberry, Calliope)

Coaching & Facilitation

Design of Open Socio-technical Systems and Workflows in Research and Education, Workshops on User Story Mapping, Learning Design and Engineering, Teaching in Higher Education

Selected Projects

Shaping Openness - The Show on Code, Architecture and Tools in Research and Education

Inventor and showmaster

A browser tool to increase the fun of reading together in distributed communities

Inventor and developer

Ethical and political questions on current technical topics and trends

Co-Initiator, teacher and developer

Research and Development Project on Collaborative Writing and Publishing

Team leader, system architect and developer

Research project on the strategic positioning of federal states and universities in teaching and learning

Developer, programmer of visualizations, project manager

Multiauthor blog about the digital field of experimentation at TU Hamburg

Co-initiator, author and administrator

Current Topics in Technology from an Ethical Perspective

Co-initiator, concept co-developer, software architect and developer

Weekly open space for the playful and fearless exploration of hard- and software

Concept co-developer, facilitator and active participant

Helping newcomers find their way in the vocational and academic system in Germany

Co-initiator, software architect and developer

Instance open to the public for collaboration in Open Education and Open Science projects

Initiator, evangelist, administrator and facilitator

Recent Publications

The software provides an interface for the presentation of reading assignments stored in Zotero together with annotations made with Hypothesis.

Open Education means providing access to information and education for everybody so that they can participate in society and be creators of their lives (UNESCO, 2012). With a closer look at the digital landscape these days many implementations of the open education idea appear to be open washing (Weller, 2014) as several studies show: Great numbers of participants in MOOCs can be attributed to the long tail effect and high drop out rates point to the fact that not everybody is made for self-organized online learning (Schulmeister, 2014).

The poster shows the socio-technical system that is being developed in the project “Modern Publishing”. Viewed from left to right, it first shows the diverse writing habitat of the authors wiss. Publications that we call Writing Stage. In the middle, along the vertical axis, it is shown how changes to the text lead to an automatic generation of preview documents in HTML, which can be annotated with Hypothesis. At the same time, this pre-submission stage generates various formats of the contribution, which can then be passed to the submission stage in OJS.

Talks & Workshops

On June 22, 2019, I was invited by the lecturers of the block seminar Blue Engineering to lead a workshop unit on technology and ethics …

Big data, AI, robotics, biotechnology and numerous other technical developments are currently changing the way we live and work at …

We live in a world of technological progress. Things that were unthinkable just a few years ago are already part of our everyday lives …

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