Mastodon Update to Design and Content | Axel Dürkop

Update to Design and Content

The last post in this blog I wrote more than one year ago. I was not lazy in between, but had a lot of other things to write and do. The “do” part finally needed to be documented and I did not want to do it in the past design and structure of this blog.

While I was following the Bookdown plugin for R, which deserves another article here, I found the amazing Academic Theme for Hugo, the blog this site was and still is built on. As I always do, I played around some time with it and wanted to start right away with doing everything new. Finally, it took me some days to move over to the new structure, but now it’s done!

I must say that I never before had so much fun getting things done for a website in two different languages. The documentation of Hugo and the Academic Theme is great and everything worked out immediately.

There are still some things to do:

Hope you like what you see so far.