Mastodon Single-Source-Publishing with Swapfire und OJS | Axel Dürkop

Single-Source-Publishing with Swapfire und OJS


The poster shows a workflow for single-source publishing: Article text, metadata and references are submitted in OJS, reviewed (1) and, after acceptance, converted to Markdown by using Pandoc (2). The text corpus is cleaned up manually (3), the references are prepared for the use of the submitted BibLaTeX file (4). Metadata is captured with Netlify CMS (5), HTML, PDF and other formats are continuously produced with GitLab, Docker and pandoc-scholar (6). Final files are uploaded and published in OJS (7).

Dürkop, A., Meinecke, I., Boxhammer, T., Hagen, F. & Krewinkel, A. (2020). Single-Source-Publishing mit Swapfire und OJS. Open-access-tage 2020 (online). Gehalten auf der Open-Access-Tage 2020, Bielefeld.