Mastodon Collaborative research and development with GitLab | Axel Dürkop

Collaborative research and development with GitLab


With platforms such as GitHub or GitLab, decentralized, interdisciplinary teams can work together on code and text projects. This form of collaboration is increasingly changing work processes in research and teaching and opens up new possibilities for data collection and analysis, but also for the creation and dissemination of teaching materials.

22. Apr 2021 09:00:00 ECT — 12:00:00 ECT
TU Hamburg

The workshop introduces appropriate workflows and techniques and provides practical insights into the following topics:

  • Introduction to the basics and culture of Git, GitHub and GitLab.
  • Project management capabilities with GitLab
  • Creating and managing groups and projects
  • Project-specific wikis for accompanying documentation of projects
  • Concepts and best practices for working with branches
  • Potentials of quality control with merge requests
  • Possibilities of automating build processes with GitLab by using virtualization techniques (Docker)
  • Working in the browser and on your own computer