Mastodon Collaborative Tools as Catalysts for Openness | Axel Dürkop

Collaborative Tools as Catalysts for Openness


Field report on the implementation of strategies to open up teaching and learning processes at TU Hamburg. Possibilities of how the teaching-learning process can be accompanied openly in technical and didactic respects were discussed and the technical system for the development of OER and Open Access publications presented.

Axel Dürkop and Andreas Böttger worked together with the students of FH Potsdam on an example publication process of OER material. A workflow of GitLab, Docker and GitBook was demonstrated and individually experienced by the participants. Finally the groups discussed the potentials of open and collaborative systems for Open Education, Open Access and Open Science.

27. Oct 2017 14:00:00 ECT — 17:00:00 ECT
Offene Lehre an der FH Potsdam | Workshop
Potsdam, Germany