Mastodon HOOU-Session "Diversity" | Axel Dürkop

HOOU-Session "Diversity"


“Digital teaching and learning opportunities, such as those created within the framework of the Hamburg Open Online University, have the potential to enable people to participate in academic teaching and learning opportunities who, for various reasons, are not studying at a university or are not directly aiming for an academic degree. Against this background, HOOU projects try to meet the different needs of learners and actively shape the interaction between digitisation and diversity. In this session at Campus Innovation 2018 you can get to know four HOOU projects in an interactive format.” (from the event website)

I will be on the panel to speak together with Dr. Tina Ladwig about our projekt Hop-on.

23. Nov 2018 13:10:00 ECT — 14:50:00 ECT
Hamburg, Germany