Mastodon Learning in Digital Fields of Experimentation | Axel Dürkop

Learning in Digital Fields of Experimentation

Photo: IWM Tübingen


The lecture with the emergence of the digital experimental field for research and teaching at the TU Hamburg and briefly presented some of the projects realized in it, such as Hop-on, Ruvival, Kniffelix and tekethics. The underlying tools and workflows such as Docker, GitLab, Django and static website generators, which are used in them, were also discussed.

Finally, Axel Dürkop referred to the current research projects of the ITBH, firstly BRIDGING lead by Dr. Tina Ladwig, which deals with the transfer of digital higher education concepts, and open[learning]spaces, which focuses on the research of learning spaces and communities.

11. Oct 2018 12:15:00 ECT — 12:30:00 ECT
Tübingen, Germany