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Virtualize applications with Docker

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In recent years, Docker virtualization software has become an essential component of many companies’ IT infrastructure. Docker is also developing its potential in teaching and research. The advanced training offers a practice-oriented introduction to application virtualization with Docker. Using concrete examples, the participants will try out the installation, the basic functions and configuration settings as well as tried and tested Docker deployment scenarios discussed and tested at the TUHH.

7. May 2019 09:00:00 ECT
TU Hamburg

The training includes the following contents:

  • Requirements for hardware and software for the use of Docker
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Dockers in the shell (Linux/MacOS; Windows users use dockers in a virtual machine.)
  • Downloading Docker images and starting containers
  • Build your own images with Dockerfile and docker-compose
  • Link containers
  • Deployment of Docker containers
  • Backups, updates and maintenance

The Participants

  • can assess the contexts in which Docker is useful and useful for their work
  • can download open and freely available docker images and run containers on them
  • can create simple images themselves
  • understand Docker networks and can set them up themselves
  • have gained an insight into the interaction of Docker and GitLab at TUHH

I am happy to hold the event together with my colleague Andreas Böttger from the TUHH computer center.