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Screenshot of Zocurelia homepage


Screenshot of Zocurelia homepage


Zocurelia is short for Zotero curated reading lists annotated. It integrates the features of Zotero and Hypothesis seamlessly. With a Zocurelia list you can show the Hypothesis activity for each text on a Zotero reading list.

Zocurelia is a private project. I build it to support the lecture and movie series “Zukunft | Gesellschaft | Technologie” that tekethics is a part of.

Zocurelia is Free and Open Source Software (MIT). It is based on the Vue.js framework.

Example of a card in a Zocurelia reading list

You can build a reading list of your own by connecting a public Zotero library to a group in Hypothesis.

Try this at home!


With Zocurelia you can increase the fun of reading online literature together. The browser tool shows the activity of a reading …